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On 20/04/2020 10:27, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> On 20/04/2020 09:58, Schnabel, Stefan wrote:
>> And please allow me a last comment: Saying "browsers won't implement 
>> that, therefore you can and have to use external tools" removes all 
>> the pressure from the browser vendors. Like saying to kids "You don't 
>> need to learn to swim, there are boats".
> Just picking up on this point to say, once again, that the point of WCAG 
> is not to pressure browser vendors into doing anything. That's the point 
> of UAAG, not WCAG.

(and probably worth adding that personally, I'm no fan of the whole 
"pressure" aspect anyway. The whole point of guidelines should be to 
point out what the problems are with particular things/approaches, and 
guide content authors towards a better solution. But many people see SCs 
as big hammers with which they can finally "pressure" sites/content 
developers, setting it up as an us vs. them battle which then 
understandably gets more pushback than framing it as a "let's work this 
out together" mentality).

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