Scoring and Dashboards - Part 2

Hi All,

I also asked our Accessibility Program Office team about client feedback
with regard to Dashboards, and was provided with the following:

For our [multiple major] banking clients, all of them are asking for
dashboards. One hundred percent of the property and casualty (insurance)
customers are also asking for dashboards. Smaller companies focused on
addressing lawsuits or 508 needs do not necessarily pursue advanced
dashboards - they use VPATs and conformance statements instead.

Typically we are seeing a few different flavors of dashboards:

   - Automated testing only - real-time assessment in DEV Software
      Development Life Cycle (SDLC) (dashboard from CI/CD pipeline) for DEV
      - Automated and manual testing - assessment in QA SDLC for go-forward
      - Automated and manual testing - final assessment results from
      project for risk tracking systems (any defects to production)
      - Automated and manual testing - risk tracking system looking for SLO
      to repair, etc.
      - Automated testing only - periodic scanning using spidering or
      critical function flow
      - *Automated and manual testing - Executive summary of overall a11y
      position (may also come from risk tracking system)*
         - This final one might include
            - Defects in production knowingly and resolution time
            - Defects in production found through automated scanning and
            resolution time
            - Defects reported by end-users through complaints
            - Defects included in litigation activity

So as we talked about, *other than during the SDLC most of the dashboards
are looking to include intelligence about the accessibility of the content
itself combined with the appropriate business intelligence data.*

Better than 50% of the time the company wants a11y information arranged by
digital inventory, which unbelievably they do not have! So the beginning of
many dashboard and metrics efforts typically starts with trying to
determine the actual digital inventory of the company.


Received on Monday, 11 May 2020 16:18:27 UTC