RE: CFC - ACT errata item #2

AG Working Group members,


As we have received only positive feedback leading up to this CfC and no responses indicating that group members could not live this this decision, this CfC is agreed on as a consensus opinion of the working group. 


This decision will be recorded at HYPERLINK ";!!GqivPVa7Brio!P3AX571asZ-rPGpR0aRDtLeur9OwUDVBLQzEL-wQp_y-Rn6Q5egqt9E34rJye8MZ7Q$" 


-Charles Adams


From: Chuck Adams 
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2020 9:00 AM
Subject: CFC - ACT errata item #2
Importance: High


Call For Consensus - ends Tuesday, May 26th at 11am Boston time.


The ACT Task Force would like to propose an editorial update to the ACT Rules Format.  The update makes an editorial change to the definition of "Accessibility requirement".


The proposed change can be viewed at the following link: HYPERLINK "*accessibility-requirement__;Iw!!GqivPVa7Brio!P5t2G_Jc1EffDGj89vS1dcJeas2Mfw_jCfTEk5JnhwketUHQbOftGEYeHy1LVSXsZw$"


The chairs brought this up in the AGWG meeting on 5/19/2020.   The chairs believe that the scope of this change is editorial, and we need approval to publish the update.


If you have concerns about this proposed consensus position and feel that those concerns result in you "not being able to live with" this decision, please let the group know before the CfC deadline.


Kind regards,


Charles Adams


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