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Interesting point, Detlev

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To me, a “step in a process” feels not as fine-grained as each individual user action in it - it seems to refer to the way longer processes are compartmentalized by the author into several pages or views (often with a sequential navigation) or into several (expanded or injected) segments of a form. It might then be advantageous to define ‘process’ as “an interaction consisting of one or more tasks” (like ‘provide contact info’, ‘provide shipping address’, ‘provide payment details‘, etc.) rather than as ‘a series of user actions’. That definition seems to lose the level of granularity that we need.

I don’t understand why “steps in a process” is a “set of controls to achieve particular user-actions” – that doesn’t’ square with the definition of process.

Process: series of user actions where each action is required in order to complete an activity

Why isn’t “step in a process”: A single user action in a series which is required to complete an activity

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