RE: Spacing Between Touch Targets

Hi Wilco,

> If I understand what you're saying correctly, what it sounds like you do is you draw a horizontal line from one target, and because it never touches the second conclude its vertical space is infinite, correct?
> …
> I don't see how the current wording allows for that reading…

You check the horizontal size+spacing horizontally, and the vertical size+spacing vertically, I’m not seeing how else can this can be read:
“Target size, including spacing between adjacent targets, is at least 44 CSS pixels horizontally and 44 CSS pixels vertically except when:”

If you draw a line vertically, and it never intercepts the horizontally adjacent target, it is infinite, from that language.

> This still gets tricky with nested targets. A 64x64 target with at the center a 44x44 target would still satisfy this.

True, but also not intended to fail. You have 44x44 for the central target and (assuming no other targets nearby), 10+ spacing for the outer target.

> The height and width of the 64x64 would be enough, even if the actual space to touch the thing is never more than 10px. (assuming there is no space around the outer target).

So if there were targets around the 64x64 one, you still only have 20px for the outer target in each dimension. If it were 88x88 (so each side showed 22px as a target) that would not be a “good pass”, but I could live with it as I’ve never seen such an example (even with my ‘outline all links & buttons’ CSS on).

For each target, there is an area with a width and height of at least 44 CSS pixels that includes it, and no other targets, except when:

**note**: The area may include both the target, and the space between targets.

I can live with that if the MATF can, but I don’t think it makes any practical difference.



Received on Tuesday, 14 April 2020 12:14:34 UTC