Re: Error correction and "steps"

Ability to go back and forth between steps depends on interdependence
of input across steps, i.e. functionality.
It may be possible to make changes say in step#2  that does not impact
input provided on subsequent steps. In other cases, making some
changes in step#2 may require one to complete all future steps to
ensure data integrity.
In the second case, a warning message that is presented on step#2
alerting the user that input for subsequent steps will need to be
provided again is quite reasonable.
Here again, depending on functionality, it may be possible to retain
input previously provided in subsequent steps and inject error
messages too for input that fails validation based on updates to
step#2 and so on.
Perhaps this is what Alastair meant   by "from author's point of view"
in the last email.

On 6/11/20, Alastair Campbell <> wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> From my understanding:
>> If the user can go back one screen at a time to review the steps is that
>> acceptable?
> Yes, that's where the SC started from. I think the understanding doc is
> needed to fill that concept in because it is allowed by the SC text, but not
> phrased in that way due to the difficulty in defining 'steps'.
>> Does this address the situation where the user can go back and forth in
>> steps until they reach a final screen that has a cancel or submit button?
> Whether you need to go back and forth, or you edit on the final
> 'confirmation' screen is flexible from an author point of view, but yes.
>> Can restarting the process by canceling or closing out if data is not lost
>> be a way to meet this?
> If you cancel out of the process I think that goes out of scope. Within the
> scope you need the ability to go back and edit things within the process. I
> guess if cancelling = going back to the first part of the process, then yes,
> but it seems a stretch.
> HTH,
> -Alastair

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