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I’m adding some review that I’ve done of the Adobe home page for some additional examples. Within that there are eight numbers:

  1.  Passes because the logo and text are together
  2.  Menu controls pass because they have the down chevron
  3.  Magnifying glass isn’t text so passes
  4.  Sign in is just text, fails
  5.  Start free trial – has a button background so passes
  6.  Learn more link would fail 1.4.11 due to contrast with non-link text. Would this fail this SC if had high contrast?
  7.  Call for entries is all caps, assume would fail
  8.  Image link passes. This link is the same as #7 – assume that if these two were combined that the combined image/text link would pass? Does this make sense – is the text part of the link more recognizable as a link for people if combined?

For the Fitbit site, the only controls that seems to be problematic are the ones in the header, but these get a pass because they are in a “toolbar, banner, footer, or other composite control”? We don’t define control in WCAG – do you mean user interface component or “related group of user interface components”? To answer your question, the difference between location and spacing isn’t clear to me.

For CNN, it seems that unless we clarify what a process is clearly that any link on the page could be considered part of some process.

I also looked at where the “google search” and “I’m feeling lucky” buttons don’t have sufficient contrast against the background with the button color, so while these pass 1.4.11 because of the dark text, they would fail this new SC – is that correct?


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I've spent some time working through a few examples with the proposed new language for visual indicators. I've also pulled together some definitions for Font styling and Spacing. The link is Visual Indicators Examples (New)<> and is on the SC Document as well.

If you have time before Tuesday, I recommend you check out the front page of two sites and consider what would pass and fail on each based on the SC language you prefer:

I've included questions that were still outstanding for me at the bottom of my document.

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