Scoring and Dashboards

Hi All,

During our calls last week, the use-case of monitoring conformance
dashboards was raised.

One important need for *on-going score calculation* will be for usage in
these scenarios. After a bit of research, it appears that many different
accessibility conformance tools are today offering this
feature/functionality already.

Please see:

...for examples that I was able to track down. (Note, some examples today
remain at the page level - for example Google Lighthouse - whereas other
tools are offering composite or aggregated views of 'sites' of at least
'directories' [sic].)

It is in scenarios like this that I question the 'depreciation' of
user-testing scores over time (in the same way that new cars depreciate
when you drive them off the lot, and continue to do so over the life of the

Large organizations are going to want up-to-date dashboards, which
mechanical testing can facilitate quickly, but the more complex and
labor-intensive tests will be run infrequently over the life-cycle of a
site or web-content, and I assert that this infrequency will have an impact
on the 'score': user-test data that is 36 months old will likely be 'dated'
over that time-period, and in fact may no longer be accurate.

Our scoring mechanism will need to address that situation.

*John Foliot* | Principal Accessibility Strategist | W3C AC Representative
Deque Systems - Accessibility for Good
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