RE: Focus visible enhanced exception

The current language proposed is:
“…or has a thickness of at least 8 CSS pixels along the shortest side of the element.”

So for square items, or vertical text I don’t think it makes much difference.


NB: The survey has been updated to reflect that.

From: jake abma

Don't think we want to say it MUST be left in a menu, while a designer wants it right on mobile.

Op di 16 jun. 2020 20:32 schreef Detlev Fischer <<>>:
Ok, sorry that I got that wrong!
Would it not at least need to take into account text alignment (have the thick short border at the side where the text, or generally ‘payload’ of the control, aligns)?
I still feel uncomfortable with the specificity of that exception (but don’t have a better workable idea to plug that loophole).

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