RE: Question about SC 2.4.3 Focus Order

Hi Andrew,

Here are a couple of scenarios I was thinking of:

Scenario 1

As a keyboard user, I Tab into the page content from the browser address bar and continue Tabbing forward and get half-way through the focus order of the page.  At this point, a survey modal pops up, my focus is appropriately shifted up to the first actionable item in the modal window.  Let's say I answer the survey, submit my response, then close the modal to return to where I was mid-way through the page before the modal survey popped up.  My focus is actively shifted up to and back from the modal content so that I don’t fall into the problem outlined in F85: Failure of Success Criterion 2.4.3 due to using dialogs or menus that are not adjacent to their trigger control in the sequential navigation order<> .   I continue Tabbing forward through all of the main page content, then decide to Shift+Tab backwards through the focus order to the top of the page.  Because I've already answered the survey on the page, I don't get the modal to pop up on my way backward through the focus order.  The focus order forward through the content is not the reverse focus order moving backwards.

Scenario 2

The same phenomenon would be true if instead of a survey modal, I got a pop up modal warning me of an impending timeout as I'm Tabbing half-way through the page focus order moving forward.  When the modal pops up, my focus shifts to an "Extend Session" button, which I press.  Now, I'm back where I was when the modal popped up and I continue my journey forward through the focus order.  Then at some arbitrary point, I decide to move backwards by Shift+Tab.  I may not get the time out modal in my way backward through the Tab stops on the page.  In this scenario, it’s also likely that there's a different focus order moving forward as there was when I was moving backward.


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Brooks, it sounds like you are describing a non-modal dialog rather than a modal dialog.

For a model the navigation would go from the browser chrome to the modal and back to the browser and the same in reverse, never getting to the page.

For a non-modal, I believe it would do the same.



Andrew Kirkpatrick

Head of Accessibility


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    What about in the event of a survey modal popping up on its own.  Maybe I'll encounter this modal window content and its associated stops in the focus order on the way forward through the page.  But, on the way backward through the page using Shift+Tab, I'll probably not have that pop-up survey modal in the focus order.


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    The first line of my response was removed. It was

    -1: no

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    If forward "navigation sequences affect meaning", going backward would mean the meaning would be lost. I wouldn't expect a page with meaningful forward focus order to preserve the meaning when navigated backwards.

    If going forward and backward do not affect meaning, then 2.4.3 would not apply.


    Kathy Eng

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    Fellow AG'lers, I am asking that you indulge me in a quick straw poll:  Does SC 2.4.3 Focus Order include backwards navigation?

    +1:  yes, of course

    0:  not sure / maybe

    -1:  no, of course not

    FWIW, the associated Understanding Doc has a contradiction between the third paragraph of Intent and the first example provide.  I will be filling an issue (and, hopefully, following up with a pull request) about that, but really I first need a sense of the group consensus before that can happen.

    Follows is 2.4.3 and the relevant affiliated definition.

    Success Criterion 2.4.3 Focus Order (Level A):  If a Web page can be navigated sequentially and the navigation sequences affect meaning or operation, focusable components receive focus in an order that preserves meaning and operability.

    navigated sequentially:  navigated in the order defined for advancing focus (from one element to the next) using a keyboard interface;;sdata=FfAq3nt1oRDH4tLOAbe97Exnw2%2FFYT%2BJUX9t3y7%2F5WA%3D&amp;reserved=0;;sdata=8EOJX9JEdqzqZMeb9%2BNvDwEoIQdmb%2F8n0rg6iH3DYWw%3D&amp;reserved=0;;sdata=OtxxENGyb6v8fXfetwkC8PH1MhQnPgFv2NMFoyru33Y%3D&amp;reserved=0

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