Re: Scoring and Dashboards

I don't see any issues here by adding dates / time stamps to a conformance

- First of all for the specific conformance claim / report
- If other reports are included with another time stamp, mention it (also
the time stamp and which part it is)
- The responsibility is up to the "conformance claimer" if he chooses a
report to include but didn't check if it's still actual.

We only provide guidance for how to test and score and ask for time stamps.

How a tool vendor places it in a dashboard is totally up to the tool vendor.


Op ma 11 mei 2020 om 18:10 schreef John Foliot <>:

> Hi All,
> During our calls last week, the use-case of monitoring conformance
> dashboards was raised.
> One important need for *on-going score calculation* will be for usage in
> these scenarios. After a bit of research, it appears that many different
> accessibility conformance tools are today offering this
> feature/functionality already.
> Please see:
> ...for examples that I was able to track down. (Note, some examples today
> remain at the page level - for example Google Lighthouse - whereas other
> tools are offering composite or aggregated views of 'sites' of at least
> 'directories' [sic].)
> It is in scenarios like this that I question the 'depreciation' of
> user-testing scores over time (in the same way that new cars depreciate
> when you drive them off the lot, and continue to do so over the life of the
> vehicle).
> Large organizations are going to want up-to-date dashboards, which
> mechanical testing can facilitate quickly, but the more complex and
> labor-intensive tests will be run infrequently over the life-cycle of a
> site or web-content, and I assert that this infrequency will have an impact
> on the 'score': user-test data that is 36 months old will likely be 'dated'
> over that time-period, and in fact may no longer be accurate.
> Our scoring mechanism will need to address that situation.
> JF
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