RE: Adding Findable Help - SPAs

Trying to take this off the CFC thread again...

I'm now wondering if we need to include SPAs at all?

For context, there are generally two types:
1. The old fashioned variety where you load the first page and everything happens under the same URL (and title).

2. Newer SPAs (generally based on newer frameworks) usually update the URL (and title), even though the mechanics Steve described are the same.

The second type fits our current definition of page (reasonably) because the URI updates.

The first type does not, but also doesn't tend to change the header/footer (likely locations for help) either.

Wilco wrote:
 > The suggestion I made before was to base "SPA" on navigation mechanisms that change the purpose of the web page. I think that's a fairly reliable way to define an SPA. It's based on some existing language in WCAG, so that would help.

That would be a change of "content that changes the meaning of the Web page".

We'd have to convert that to something like:
"Single page web apps: Pages obtained from a single URI that provide navigation which changes the meaning of the Web page."

I'm not sure we need to include SPAs now that we've switched the structure to an "if/then", but if so does that help?


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