RE: Plugins as SC - thread was: Visual Indicators

Hi Stefan,

For me, this section of the understanding document answers that question:

"User Responsibility
The ability to read and derive meaning from the overridden spacing rests with the user. The user may choose to exceed the spacing adjustments in the SC. If the increased spacing causes loss of content or functionality, the user will adjust or return to the author’s original spacing or spacing within the bounds of the SC. Regardless, the user needs the flexibility to adjust spacing within the bounds set in the SC without loss of content or functionality. Such changes may be achieved via user stylesheet, bookmarklet, extension, or application."

So essentially yes, the ambiguity is intended because there are various ways a user could apply the changes.

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Hi Alastair,

Accepted, but this is not the point nor does change it.

is not written in a way that it classify bookmarklets as pure test tools, not means to fulfil the SC.

I don't know if this ambiguity is intended. 

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