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My read it that it would cover each control necessary to a process -- it's not just the controls to move to the next step but all of the required fields to complete the process.  So all buttons on the checkout page and a single page would be covered and a checkout page if alone contains a process in itself.  WCAG defines process as actions required to complete a task.


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On 29/04/2020 13:25, Alastair Campbell wrote:
> Therefore, if we don't include the 'initiate' of a process it is much clearer what is in scope.

It's cleaner in scope, for sure. But does it then not risk being potentially useless as an SC (in practical terms) if the controls to initiate a process are unclear/may be missed entirely by the target user group that we're trying to help here?

It's probably "better than nothing", and the tighter scope probably helps justify it for AA rather than as a more general SC applicable to
*all* controls, no exceptions, at AAA. But still feels oddly limited/specific.

Regarding process and step-by-step. It still leaves me wondering about things that have, essentially, just a single step. Say something like:

- trigger to open "checkout" (out of scope as that initiates the process)
- the checkout page itself is one big form with all info handled right there as a single page, no progressive disclosure/extra steps. one big submit/buy button
- confirmation page ("it's on its way...")

Does the final confirmation page count as a separate step (making this a sort of "step-by-step" with two steps)? It's probably academic, since it won't have any controls to go back, in this scenario. So the one single checkout page itself ... does that count as "the process" even though it's essentially a single step?

If yes, then similar scenarios could also be:

- user clicks a "delete" button in a list of entries (out of scope as it initiates the process)
- a modal appears asking for confirmation
- user confirms, and the system proceeds to delete the entry

Is this a process? Probably, based on this is.

But a similar scenario where I need two or more actions to achieve

- i'm on a site's page, i want to email them. i click "Contact us" in the footer - one action
- on the "Contact us" page, I click on the "" email link - second action

Based on the definition of "process", arguably this is also one?

What I'm getting at, in essence, is that leaning on "process" as the definition here is very wooly to begin with - and these are the sorts of questions that developers will have to wrangle with when building sites / the sorts of questions we'll likely argue for the next few years on list when it comes to audits.

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