RE: Visual Indicators

Hi Gundula,

I think we are agreeing in general, but there are a couple of things to point out for future, and in relation to other SCs.

> it was clearly stated that the WCAG should not be prescriptive

We do try to avoid being prescriptive about design aspects, but we also have minimum contrast requirements. It is not a binary thing, there are exceptions.

> which contradicts to the below suggestion to determine exactly how a link or button should show their nature.

The suggestion was to treat it like text-spacing, where it is not prescriptive about the design. It asks that if the user adapts the design in a specific way, it does not become unusable.

We do not expect end users to dig into code to implement this, but it would be something for a user-agent (e.g. plugin) to take up. For example, there isn’t a plugin to specifically implement text-spacing, but there are several for changing fonts. I have a dyslexic (aimed) one installed in Chrome which changes the font, which impacts the spacing.

Anyway, we are generally agreeing, I just wanted that to be clear.

Kind regards,


Received on Thursday, 16 April 2020 14:47:18 UTC