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On 29/04/2020 14:48, Jonathan Avila wrote:
> My read it that it would cover each control necessary to a process

is that a wider definition than what it currently says "For each control 
that is necessary to *progress through* a process"?

Leaving aside the question of "what is a process" (as almost anything 
can be thought of as a process), this then expand it further into "what 
is *necessary to progress* (just the previous/next type controls, which 
is what the intent seems to hint at in my reading, or then also any 
other required fields - and then, why not also the optional ones? They 
may not be technically required, but if a user omits an optional part of 
their address in a checkout process, they may end up not receiving their 
order because it couldn't be mailed to them correctly).

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