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"do nothing" proposal for plain literal/xsd:string

"do nothing" proposal for plain literal/xsd:string (was: Re: SPARQL TC 2011-05-03 Agenda)

18. and consequences

[webreq #4250] [closed] Publication request: 5 SPARQL last call working drafts

ACTION-346: Look over "side effects" of the new section for RIF entailment regime

ACTION-373 look at subquery tests (3 new test cases proposed for subquery and comments to approved test cases)

ACTION-377: Look at negation tests

ACTION-418: review property paths section in Entailment

ACTION-422: Look at new d-entailment text

ACTION-423: Include a test on nodes in path of length zero come from specified named graph

ACTION-425: Add new test types to mf: and to README.html

ACTION-440: Bring Turtle/SPARQL incompatibility issues to the attention of RDF WG

ACTION-453 ... checking Update relevant outstanding comments

ACTION-454 complete (Re: description of WITH)

Addressing Greg's update review - part 1... (Re: Review of SPARQL 1.1 Update)

Addressing Greg's update review - part 2... (Re: Review of SPARQL 1.1 Update)

Agenda SPARQL-TC 2011-05-17

Anchors for aggregate definitions


AW: CommentResponse:SC-3

AW: RDF WG Resolution Regarding Various Forms of String Literals

BINDINGS - correct to rq25

bindings tests available


Call for Exclusions: Five SPARQL 1.1 Specifications




completed ACTION-451 Check pubrules on entailment

Completed LC critical ACTION-455

Completed LC critical ACTION-456

conformance for SPARQL federated query

Dave Beckett's Comment

Defn of RDF dataset merge added

description of WITH

description of WITH (ACTION-454 DONE)

draft response for Fernando Silva

draft response for WG-1

draft response JBolleman-1, JBolleman-2

draft response MK-1 (Fwd: Proposal for simplifying FILTER semantics)

draft response PFPS-1

draft response PFPS-1 (Fwd: Proposal for simplifying FILTER semantics)

Draft response to GK-1

draft response to MH-LC-1

draft response to RV-5, RV-6

draft response to SC-2 (Comments about property paths - part II)

Draft response: KK-6

Editors - heads-up: freeze docs by tonight and send me the final links, if possible!

Entailment document: Property Path

entailment test cases (was: Re: Review test cases)

Entailment: typos

European Master in Computational Logic - application deadline approaching

fed query BINDINGs

fed query comment

Federated Query

federated query question

federated query review, reprised

Fwd: Re: SPARQL/RDF WGs Coordination on Graph Terminology

Fwd: Reviewing the GeoSPARQL document?

Fwd: SUM aggregate operator and non-numeric literals

heads-up: LC vote on Tue unless major concerns!

json result format --> new charter !?

JSON Results doc : First complete draft ready

JSON Results doc comment responses.

late regrets for today

major open issues SPARQL Update

math ops and datatypes

Media type for fed query?


minutes from 24 May

minutes from TC 2011-05-17

minutes published (incl. fix regarding ACTION-457)

minutes TC 2011-05-10

New Charter, AC review has begun

No SPARQL call tomorrow

note on approving test cases

Parsing "18." in SPARQL

Plain literals and xsd:string

pls review CSV changes (was Re: while we are rechartering.... (csv))

Possible delay

postponed issue? USING DEFAULT

postponed issue? USING DEFAULT (was: Re: major open issues SPARQL Update)

Problem with property path test case pp15

proposed text for SPARQL Update Member Submission

publication changes made for query and update

pubrules access

Query document: Property Path

RDF 1.1 string literal updates

RDF WG Resolution Regarding Various Forms of String Literals

RDF/SPARQL telecon on graph terminology


regrets for tomorrow

Resolving URIs for a newly created graph in SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol

Response to LD-4

Responses to Comments GK-1, DBeckett-1, and JB-4

Review of Service Description Draft

Review of SPARQL 1.1 Update

Review SPARQL Query 1.1, Section 18 (algebra)

Review test cases

Review test cases (ACTION-429: Ckeck Olivier's comments on the test cases README.html)

Review: SPARQL 1.1 Entailment Regimes

Reviewing the GeoSPARQL document?

rq25 WG Note fine tuning.

rq25.xml r1.223 & last call

sd:EmptyGraphs text

Service description spec - service name

service tests 4, 7

SERVICE tests available

sk()/sk-1() removed from update definitions as suggested by Andy (was: Re: SPARQL 1.1 Update Review (part 2))

small changes on comments page... please note

SPARQL 1.1 Update Review (part 1)

SPARQL 1.1 Update Review (part 2)

SPARQL protocol progress

SPARQL TC 2011-05-03 Agenda

SPARQL TC tomorrow

SPARQL Update (almost?) LC ready from my side ...

SPARQL update semantics Dataset-UNION vs. Dataset-MERGE

SPARQL WG - preliminary agenda for 2011-05-10

SPARQL WG Agenda - Today - May 24, 2011

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tues. 2011-05-31

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tues. April 26th, 2011

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SPARQL WG Meeting in 1 Hour

SPARQL WG Minutes - Apr. 5, 2011

SPARQL WG Minutes - June 28, 2011

SPARQL WG Telecon Agenda - Tues. April 19, 2011

SPARQL WG Telecon Agenda - Tues. April 5, 2011


SUM aggregate operator and non-numeric literals

TC tomorrow (regrets from myself)

test manifests

Today's SPARQL teleconference is canceled

today's SPARQL WG agenda (2011-May-10)

Typos in Query document

Typos in Query document (2)

UNICODE version

Update : typos

USING/USING NAMED test cases...

vacation list summer 2011 SPARQL WG

What is the end of the LC review period

while we are rechartering.... (csv)

Work-in-progress: JSON results

xmlspec / div4

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