Re: JSON Results doc : First complete draft ready

A quick review:

3.1.1 "vars"

The "var" member - Should be "vars" I think.
A variable is not necessary -> A variable is not necessarily

3.2.1 "bindings"

Possibly worth including an example of a solution with no bindings, the text /could/ be interpreted as meaning it should be omitted. Minor point.

In XML it's possible to include runtime warnings and errors inline in XML comments without messing up processing. It would be good if there was some way to do something similar in JSON, e.g if there was an "_comment" key (anything disjoint from variable names) which was defined to be ignored. JSON doesn't have "native" comments. Minor point.

Other than that, looks fine.

- Steve

On 2011-05-12, at 11:34, Andy Seaborne wrote:

> There is now a complete 1st draft document (and fairly unchecked).
> It addresses the comments made (Richard, Michael, Paul) by restructuring the whole document and copying across content from before.  I wil go back and check the comments again but by the time the ties to the XML format are removed, it's a rather different document.
> I have tried to strike a balance and retained a more informal style but it should also be accurate.
> If anyone wants to have a go at JSON schema,
> then please do - I don't plan on doing that this time round.
> It's time for reviews.  It's not a long document.
> 	Andy

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