USING/USING NAMED test cases...

Should we add the following example as test cases the test suite, making explicit that the behavior is not dictated by the spec?
Can someone remind me how/whether we have dealt with test cases that allow - implementation dependent -  alternative outcomes? 
I think I vaguely remember that we had that case already...


Graph store:
     _:a :p :o .
Do we want Q1
   INSERT {GRAPH <g1> ?s :p :o2 } WHERE  {GRAPH <g1> ?s :p :o } 

and Q2

   INSERT {GRAPH <g1> ?s  :p :o2 } USING <g1> WHERE  {?s :p :o } 
and Q3

   INSERT {GRAPH <g1> ?s  :p :o2 } USING NAMED <g1> WHERE  {GRAPH <g1> ?s  :p :o } 

behave the same or different? That is, does the new dataset defined by USING/USING NAMED change bnodes or not?

Essentially, for Q1, we'd expect as resulting graph store:

     _:a :p :o; :o2.

whereas for Q2/Q3 we probably may rather expect:

     _:a :p :o. 
     _:b :p :o2.

but that might be implementation depenent also 

     _:a :p :o; :o2.

Received on Wednesday, 27 April 2011 22:36:43 UTC