Re: Responses to Comments GK-1, DBeckett-1, and JB-4

On 26/04/11 17:39, Steve Harris wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm waiting for confirmation on the following comment responses:

Generally fine.  We need to close ISSUE-66 before LC.  Suggest removing 
direct reference to the issue.


Re: II
Maybe link to the explicit order.

Re: III.
The group has not yet decided if BINDINGS will be usable outside of a 
federated query.
yes we have and yes it is :-)
A WHERE clause is necessary, this is legal:

SELECT * {} BINDINGS ?var1 ?var2  {
   ( "var1-value1"  "var2-value1" )
   ( "var1-value2"  "var2-value2" )



and I agree, in fact there is no concept of precision in XSD decimals
There is a minimum number of 18 decimal digits.

> Corresponding to ACTION-322, ACTION-340, and ACTION-401.
> - Steve

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