Re: Review of Service Description Draft

This is another reply to ACTION-356. This discharges the action.

I've had another look at the document.

* The document became a jumble without any paragraphs in Firefox and 
using IE I see lots of displaced ""s. I did not see what is causing 
that problem.

* The property sd:entailmentRegime (3.2.5) has the domain sd:NamedGraph. 
I expected it to be sd:Graph; that would make it possible for default 
graphs to have an entailment regime that is different from that of the 
named ones. For now, the only way to impose an entailment regime to the 
default graph is by using sd:defaultEntailmentRegime on the Service - 
but then all named graphs are prohibited to have any additional regimes, 
which I think is an unintended consequence.

* The property sd:supportedEntailmentProfile (3.2.4) relates to 
sd:defaultEntailmentRegime . I think it is apt to rename that property 
to sd:defaultSupportedEntailmentProfile . Do we need a 
sd:supportedEntailmentProfile for graphs?

* Any property starts with a lower case letter after the prefix; any 
class with an upper case letter. This is great and I think we should 
note that fact at the beginning of chapter 3 Service Description 
Vocabulary. That would aid reading the document early in the morning or 
late in the evening.

* The example covers most of the features of the SD. However, it doesn't 
specify any entailment regimes. I think adding another sd:Service with a 
default graph and a one triple regime would clarify things.


Received on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 07:56:10 UTC