Re: heads-up: LC vote on Tue unless major concerns!

The query doc now has a red box for issues related to Turtle/SPARQL 

and I've made a proposal to RDF-WG:

To people on both WGs: please be active on that RDF-WG thread:

To everyone: please report how much pain these incompatibilities would 
cause in deployed systems.


On 02/05/11 01:07, Axel Polleres wrote:
> Dear all,
> I want to at least attempt to vote for publishing as LC for
>    * Query:
>    * Update:
>    * Entailment regimes
> and whichever other documents are ready for this Tuesday
> even if we decide to accept going to LC "modulo minor fixes"
> that we agree editors to  resolve directly with reviewers.
> Thus,
> 1) Editors, please let us know if you're ready from your side (for any documents)
> 2) complete pubrules-check-ACTIONS
> 3) anybody having severe concerns about any issues on any of the documents, please speak up now
> The reason, why we'd ideally go ahead this week to "release" at least the first batch
> of documents for LC is that otherwise we have to wait until late May [1]
> best,
> Axel
> 1.

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