Re: SPARQL TC 2011-05-03 Agenda

We need to decide what to do about simple literals / xsd:strings


Nothing is a possibility but it needs to be an active decision, not a 
silent default.  We then need to feed that back to RDF-WG.


On 02/05/11 15:28, Axel Polleres wrote:
> Dear all,
> I will hopefully upload a formal agenda hopefully later today at the usual place:
> but here is alrady what is planned for tomorrow:
> We shall go through all documents:
>     1) check with editors whether ready for LC publication
>          - any open issues on to_last_call wiki?
>          - any critical reviewer comments open?
>          - any critical comments-list comments open?
>          - pubrules check done?
>     2) PROPOSED: publish [docname] as Last call working draft
>          (we need a formal vote there, I assume for minor open issues, this can also vary to)
>        PROPOSED: publish [docname] as Last call working draft modulo ACTION-XYZ
>          (i.e. allow us to assign actions to reviewers/editors to resolve minor issues bilaterally without the need for another formal group decision)
> If editors could answer to the subitems of 1)  prior to the call tomorrow, that might help us!
> best,
> Axel

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