Re: JSON Results doc : First complete draft ready

On 2011-05-17, at 14:54, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 17/05/11 14:23, Axel Polleres wrote:
>> Just to understand the issue about warnings/comments...
>>>> Are there any examples of system that do add anything to the JSON format?
>>> Yeah, 4store apparently, it adds a "warnings": block after "results":, and puts an array of strings there:
>>> I'm not sure who did that, but it's quite a good idea!
>> Wouldn't that be non-conformant/problematic with the current spec?
>> As a work-around,  could we allow to "add more keys" on top-level, i.e. do we/could we
>> (i) state somewhere that adding keys except "results","boolean" on top level is allowed
>> and (ii) give "warnings:" block from 4store as an (informative) example?
>> Axel
> (i) is just as non-conformant to the Note/spec.
> Given the discussions awhile ago about the format of error messages, so they can be processed and displayed to people or used by software to act on them (and also language issues), I think any loose, under-constrained feature merely begs the question of format.  An example in a spec is tantamount to specification.
> So, at most, note other keys may be present, or leave as-is.

+1, for the benefit of posterity.

- Steve

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