Re: rq25.xml r1.223 & last call

On 19/04/11 09:28, Steve Harris wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just committed a change to rq25.xml which addresses the last of Birte's comments that was outstanding. I now think that my part of the SPARQL Query doc is ready for last call.
> Consider that penance for not being able to make the telecon :)
> - Steve

My list for rq25 is:

1/ ZeroLengthPath: include literals.
2/ Fix definition of dataset-merge, or remove it

3/ URIs for all functions (rq25 edits, Andy ; namespace document ?)

4/ Check "Testing values" => "Expressions and Testing Values" (Andy)
5/ Do we need function IRI(relStr, baseStrOrIRI)? - resolves a relative 
or absolute IRI-as-string against a base (as string or IRI)
6/ Formalize CONSTRUCT/ASK.

1 and 2 need to be done for LC but aren't large.

3 is process foo.
4 and 5 are noise.
6 is "if time"

Upcoming: given the possible direction of RDf-WG, editting to remove all 
"named graphs" isms may be necessary but (1) it's commonly used language 
so, frankly, it's ours now :-) and (2) I don't know of better terminology.

Comments (I presume we need to clear the comments before LC):

I have one outstanding comment / follow-up: 

Steve - shall we start the publication checking process?  I think it's 
your turn to start this time ...  My edits can sneak in as the doc is 
sorted out.


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