conformance for SPARQL federated query

The current conformance section in the federated query document is taken 
from the query document. I think it should stay similar but be reworded to:

See Section 4 SPARQL 1.1 Federated Query Grammar regarding conformance 
of SPARQL Query strings that include the SPARQL 1.1 Federated Query 
Extensions. See Section 3.1 Definition of SERVICE for conformance of 
query results for the SERVICE keyword. See Section 7 Internet Media Type 
for conformance to the application/sparql-query-fed media type.

This specification is intended for use in conjunction with the SPARQL 
1.1 Query Language for RDF. See that specification for its conformance 

If that's ok, please update the document and include the appropriate 
links for the referenced section.


Received on Thursday, 12 May 2011 13:42:10 UTC