Re: 18. and consequences

On 4/26/2011 7:24 AM, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> The change to the SPARQL 1.1 grammar is done.
> What do we do about the 1.0 test suite?
> One way is to take the entire DAWG SPARQL 1.0 test suite, and republish
> it for SPARQL 1.1, modifying the tests affected (test-6, term-7,
> syntax-lit-08). That is, the SPARQL 1.1 test suite is a complete test
> suite for SPARQL, not the just the changes.

After thinking about this a bit, I think this is the only reasonable 
thing for us to do. It keeps 1.0 frozen in time as a conformance suite 
for SPARQL 1.0, but gives 1.1 implementers a single place to go for 1.1 

Let's discuss today, along with everything else :)


> Andy

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