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On 3 May 2011 07:29, Andy Seaborne <> wrote:
> In order to integrate with entailment, all property path evaluation comes
> down to looking for triples in a graph as part of the ALP function.  So for
> RDFS they shouldn't that be the same?

Bt the problem here is what is in the graph. Strictly speaking it is
just the triples without entailments. However, if you do entailment
via materialization, then you'd have to keep track of what are
entailed triples and don't consider them. It would be difficult to
define entailment not using entailment, but materialization rules
since as soon as you have disjunctions, you can no longer use
If you materialize and don't keep track of what has been added for the
materialization, you'd get differen answers compared to systems that
don't maerialize, bu do more rewriting of the query.


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