Re: SPARQL Update (almost?) LC ready from my side ...

On 29/04/11 10:47, Axel Polleres wrote:
> Greg, all,
> I finally addressed point
>   "4) blank nodes in QuadPattern aren't mentioned explicitly in OpDeleteInsert"
> which came from your review...

Comment on this below.  There's a remaining sk-ism and I'm not clear 
that the bnode template renaming is in the right place.

> In order to address this, I refined the definition of Dataset()
> which now explicitly mentions the treatment of blanknodes in QuadPatterns, see
> Please check (and I hope no more major concerns/flaws with that definition)
> As far as I can see, this addresses the last of the major issues in Update from my side...
> I would kindly ask Paul/Alex to look through the reviews and answers and any "*Open" points
> again to be sure and check pubrules, but I hope this brings us now pretty close to LC readiness!
> If anybody still sees any LC roadblocks for Update that I've missed, please let us know!
> cheers,
> Axel

Revision 1.120
By the way: the CVS log entry is

Revision 1.120  2011/04/29 09:42:21  apollere2
Added missing

i.e. several blank lines.  Yes, something missing!

I took a slightly hurried pass over the formal definitions.  Comments 
below. No showstoppers in the design, but some things could do with fixing.

See the 5 "[Major]" below.


**Remove editors note about issue-59.

** Definition: Graph Store

[Minor improvement]
avoid "identified"
zero or more named slots identified by an IRI iri sub i.
zero or more named slots.  The unnamed slot hold an RDF graph; each a 
named slot is pair of graph and an associated IRI.

Remove "Note:"

** Definition: Abstract Update Operation

The languge defines a "An Update Operation"
Either drop "Abstract" or include in first line.

[Minor] it would be nice to say what "atomic" means

** Deal with 4.2 @@@

** 4.2.4  Dataset( QuadPattern,  μ )
case '{}' is covered by '{' TriplesTemplate? '}'

'GRAPH' VarOrIRIref '{' TriplesTemplate? '}''

Consider GRAPH ?g { <s> <p> <o> }
Need to say that if ?g is unbound, there are no triples.

** 4.2.5  Dataset( QuadPattern,  P, GS )

Doesn't the bNode replacement done by sk have to be in 4.2.4 not here? 
because in 4.3.1 Insert Data Operation, the replacement needs to be done 
but the operation is:

OpInsertData(GS, QuadPattern) =
    Dataset-UNION(GS, Dataset(QuadPattern,{}))

so no replacement is done.

** 4.3.1 Insert Data Operation
** 4.3.2 Delete Data Operation
** 4.3.3 Delete Insert Operation

"either in the default slot or in a named slot."
"in the default slot or in named slots."

The either-or is confusing as it can be both.

** 4.3.4 Load Operation
"; i.e.;" => "; i.e. "

** 4.3.5 Clear Operation

Definition: Load Operation
Definition: Clear Operation

** 4.4.1 Create Operation
Definition: CreateOperation

Generally, what happens on errors?
The defn says "create a new slot" and nothing about if the IRI is in use.

** 4.4.2 DropOperation
OpDrop(GS, iri) = ... GS minus {(irij, Gj)}

"minus" on GS isn't defined.

** 4.5 Mapping Update Requests to the Formal Model
Table uses "Tr(GS,UsingClause)" but the Tr operation is "Tr(GS,Request)" 
and "UsingClause" isn't a request

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