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E-mail subscription and RSS Justin Anthony Knapp (Friday, 30 March)

"HTML Email" W3C Workshop Daniel Glazman (Saturday, 31 March)

Comments on XForms Transitional Matthew Raymond (Saturday, 31 March)

apologies for multiple posts of identical message Gregory J. Rosmaita (Friday, 30 March)

Brainstorming: more structured form submissions Ben Meadowcroft (Thursday, 29 March)

RE:Re: Multipart response support Espen Antonsen - 24SevenOffice (Thursday, 29 March)

Microsoft's involvement in the WG John Joseph Bachir (Friday, 30 March)

Design Principles Document update Maciej Stachowiak (Thursday, 29 March)

Visible MetaData == "Visible to whom?" was Re: Design Principles T.V Raman (Thursday, 29 March)

Fwd: <abbr>, <acronym> and initialisms Doug Jones (Thursday, 29 March)

Let every element have a src attribute Dao Gottwald (Wednesday, 28 March)

Glossary of English Terms Doug Jones (Wednesday, 28 March)

Multipart response support Henrik Dvergsdal (Wednesday, 28 March)

update from Chris Wilson on Microsoft's status Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 27 March)

Proposed Design Principles Maciej Stachowiak (Tuesday, 27 March)

Test case, XML input control Henrik Dvergsdal (Tuesday, 27 March)

People's Location in the HTML WG Karl Dubost (Tuesday, 27 March)

story telling and test cases Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 27 March)

DocType02: Doctypes and the dialects of HTML 5 Mike Schinkel (Tuesday, 27 March)

Fwd: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ? Ana Barroso (Monday, 26 March)

Printing a review copy of Web Apps 1.0 Henri Sivonen (Monday, 26 March)

wow... Daniel Glazman (Monday, 26 March)

WF2 step attribute Dave Raggett (Sunday, 25 March)

Proposed requirement: don't break the Web L. David Baron (Saturday, 24 March)

Doctypes and the dialects of HTML 5 Daniel Schattenkirchner (Friday, 23 March)

Re: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ? (fwd) John Joseph Bachir (Friday, 23 March)

let's have an HTML WG teleconference Thu, 29 March Dan Connolly (Saturday, 24 March)

presentation to IETF in Chicago July 22-27? [Fwd: new W3C HTML WG] Dan Connolly (Thursday, 22 March)

toward an issues list/agenda for the HTML WG Dan Connolly (Thursday, 22 March)

XML input control Henrik Dvergsdal (Thursday, 22 March)

Brainstorming: Best of all Worlds Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer (Thursday, 22 March)

Brainstorming: Best of all Worlds Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer (Thursday, 22 March)

Is HTML a final form medium like PDF? Dave Raggett (Wednesday, 21 March)

HTML WG office hours in IRC, a few wiki topics Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 21 March)

preference for blocks of unrelated comments Dailey, David P. (Wednesday, 21 March)

Re: <video> element feedback Matthew Ratzloff (Tuesday, 20 March)

Fwd: HTML WG Face to face meeting call for interest Arthur Jennings (Tuesday, 20 March)

Affiliation disclosure Henri Sivonen (Tuesday, 20 March)

HTML WG Face to face meeting call for interest Dan Connolly (Monday, 19 March)

So, I am reading all these interesting threads... Denis Boudreau (WebConforme) (Monday, 19 March)

Fwd: WYSIWYM editors Diego La Monica (Sunday, 18 March)

WYSIWYM editors Geoffrey Sneddon (Saturday, 17 March)

Colours on the WG home page liorean (Friday, 16 March)

Re: [whatwg] Video proposals Karl Dubost (Friday, 16 March)

Regarding the Patent Policy Maciej Stachowiak (Thursday, 15 March)

HTML parsing, <script>, and document.write() test/issue details? Dan Connolly (Thursday, 15 March)

Web Forms 2.0 and the W3C Patent Policy Matthew Raymond (Thursday, 15 March)

Hello everybody Razvan MIHAIU (Wednesday, 14 March)

New requirement - Simplifying Meta Data Profile sajid saiyed (Wednesday, 14 March)

face to face meeting host offers for the HTML WG? Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 14 March)

brainstorming: test cases, issues, goals, etc. Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 13 March)

Whoah There, Turbo Maciej Stachowiak (Monday, 12 March)

Preparing to launch the Forms Task Force ... Dave Raggett (Monday, 12 March)

WG membership Daniel Glazman (Monday, 12 March)

Here's Web Forms 2.0 ... Arthur Barstow (Friday, 9 March)

Meet the HTML Working Group chairs in Austin at SxSWi (QA Weblog) Dan Connolly (Friday, 9 March)

Posting to this list Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 8 March)

Shouln't the root element of XHTML 2 be...xhtml? Andrés (Thursday, 8 March)

call for participation: W3C HTML Working Group Dan Connolly (Thursday, 8 March)

New Public mailing list - public-html Simon J. Hernandez (Wednesday, 7 March)

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