Proposing Named & Numbered Issues for HTML (was: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?)

Mihai Sucan wrote:
> While I haven't followed this entire thread, I have to
> add that, yes, following the list is a bit overwhelming
> (there are *tons* of emails). However, that's the way it
> works best. As James said, email clients allow us to
> properly filter and manage the flow of emails.
Again, not meaning to pick specifically on Mihai since many replies are
similar,  but it's clear that those who prefer email are going to prevail on
this debate even though some of us find email unworkable. However, rather
than belabor a loosing position let me approach from a different

My guess is that this working group is going to be the mother of all working
groups, i.e. that almost everyone involved in web technology specifications
will (want to) be involved. That means this list is going to see an
overwhelming amount of traffic unlike probably any other list in the past,
or at least in recent memory. The upshot will be that people will be so
overwhelmed with emails that it will be hard to focus on the issues in which
they have interest and can provide valid input. My suggestion to use
something other than email was an attempt to help address that predicament
but since that suggestion was not palatable let me make an alternate

Reviewing the W3C's list of issues, I think their named and numbered issue
list makes it possible to segment issues and let people focus on the issues
of importance to them and ignore the rest and the named/numbered approach
provides a unique combination that simplifies searching. I propose we use
something similar with respect to HTML. I suggest that the chair or someone
else be appointed to identify and manage a list of issues. This would allos
discussions on identified issues would need to have those issue name/numbers
in the subject, something like i.e. "DocType01" and all list users would
co-manage the list to ensure that any conversations be identified by a
specific issue or start with (something like) "ProposedIssue00:"  

Doing this will allow each of us to more easily filter out those HTML issues
which are not of primary concern to us and for which others will provide
guidance, and instead allow us to spend more time focused on the issues that
do concern us.  I look forward to everyone's consideration.

-Mike Schinkel -

Received on Sunday, 25 March 2007 22:41:37 UTC