WYSIWYM editors

One of many things I think needs to be done with HTML is make it  
easier to be editable with a WYSIWYM editor, without having an over  
sophisticated UI.

Nobody has made a usable WYSIWYM editor for the HTML 4.01 standard as  
it's near impossible, due to the complexity of the spec (such as  
being able to explain in one line what tags mean).

We must be able to:
  - Explain, in a few words in layman's terms, what a tag/attribute  
  - Parse current web content, without changing the semantic meaning.
  - Create something that's understandable without any styling.

How we do this, however, is questionable (and hard).

All the best,

Geoffrey Sneddon

Received on Saturday, 17 March 2007 23:30:29 UTC