Re: XML input control

> I think we should concentrate more on the problem we are trying
> to solve. Your suggestion is more of a solution to something,
> but it's not quite clear from your letter, what is the real
> problem you are trying to address.

Thanks for your feedback. I shall try to be a little more problem  

The problem is primarily relevant in the context of CMS applications.  
It can can be expressed as follows: How can we

(1) empower users to generate rich content without being XML/HTML  

while at the same time

(2) helping developers to provide high technical quality of the same  

An XML control will provide a well defined interface between CMS  
applications and web clients/plugins. This will facilitate much more  
efficient software development on both ends. We will get a win-win- 
win situation:

(1) Developers will be provided with a different kind of WYSIWYG:  
what you *speicfy* Is what you get. They get to work with data that  
can easily be accomodated in web pages wihtout compromising standards  

(2) Client and plugin developers will have well defined  
specifications to work against. This will promote competition and  
lead to better products.

(3) Users will get input tools that will match their level of  
expertice and empower them to express themselves better than before.


Received on Monday, 26 March 2007 10:09:42 UTC