Re: cancel. Re: let's have an HTML WG teleconference Thu, 29 March

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 18:46:28 +0200, Robert Brodrecht <>  

> Oops.  I somehow managed to overlook this survey request completely.

So did I. :-\

> Is there any way the survey messages could have "Survey" in the title
> somewhere (ideally something like "Survey: Teleconference Thu, 29
> March").  Sometimes when I'm tearing through messages trying to get  
> caught up, I just don't see these things.

Same here. I usually can't go through the HTML WG mailing list messages  
every day, so they tend to heap up a bit before I'm able to process them.  
If surveys like this were possible to filter out somehow, it would be  
easier to spot them even without going through the other messages on the  

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