RE: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?

I hear you, Mike.  I'm not actually ripping on people who prefer forums
- I've seen some great forum systems out there.  My concern is more that
with the number of things I participate in, I know I can't add any more
systems that I have to deal with.  My preference is to have an email
list backed with a decent searchable archive - which is what we have.
Then people like me can integrate the stream into their daily work, but
you also don't need to start at the beginning and store every message on
your hard drive to search through it.  Good email software (which is
pretty evolved at this point) can help tremendously in handling large
volumes of email, I think that was James' point.

In short, I have one reasonably synchronous system I deal with - email.
RSS, forums, Usenet are all heavily asynch - I may poll them daily, but
I might also not get around to it for months.


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James Graham wrote: 
> > IRC is somewhat old-fashioned but always usefull to
> > have a quick and clear conversation, a forum I would
> > prefer above a mailinglist, since most forums have a
> > better searchfunctionality than my emailclient. Also it
> > imho easier to keep discussion well-structured when
> > using discussion threads on a forum, however that is my
> > personal opinion based on previous experience with
> > mailinglists and forums.
> > 
> Without wanting to sound rude, it sounds like you need a
> better email client.
Sorry for picking on James' reply as several others have said similar,
why is it people who have a legitimate preference for something other
email get condescended by those people who do prefer email? 

Personally, I find the use of email overwhelming for lists of the volume
level that this HTML list has. Assuming email is the only way to
on this project I know for certain I will be far less able of provide
input and will often be asking questions about issues that have already
discussed than if some other more structured method would be made


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