Re: let's have an HTML WG teleconference Thu, 29 March

On Sat, 24 Mar 2007, Dan Connolly wrote:
> > 
> > Could we have a question regarding whether we think we should have one 
> > at all or not? The questionaire seems to somewhat assume that a 
> > telecon is a good idea, but several people have commented on this list 
> > negatively about the idea. Right now, the only way to say that in the 
> > survey is to say that the notice was insufficient, which is not really 
> > the same thing.
> Not so. It says:
> "If you see any reason that this teleconference shouldn't happen at all,
> please put it in a comment."
>  --

Sure... it would be nice if we could see a tally of simple "yes" vs "no" 
results for whether we want a telecon at all, though. Surely adding a 
simple yes/no question would not be difficult. Could we add one?

> And it doesn't assume that a telecon is a good idea; it's
> explicit about my reasons for calling one...
> "It seems we have enough agenda topics and issues[1] to merit a
> teleconference."
> [1]

Sure, but this assumes that calling a teleconference is a good thing, 
which, it would seem, is a matter of opinion. Some people might argue that 
no amount of agenda topics would merit a teleconference.

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