Re: face to face meeting host offers for the HTML WG?

Good day everyone,

> I hope that, as Maciej suggested, we can all assume good faith in
> Microsoft's participation in this WG.

Call me naive if you will, but despite everything, I've always felt  
that overall, the HTML WG did a great job. Getting all these people  
to somehow agree on things has to be a nightmare on the easiest days.  
Microsoft can't be the only one we need to worry about once in a  

At least it looked like it could get the job done most of the time,  
from an outside perspective. Microsoft-bashing might be a national  
sport where most of us come from, but like everyone I'm sure, I have  
no doubt about Chris' integrity and his desire to make things right -  
after all, it's his reputation too. Am I a little concerned about  
Microsoft playing such a role? I guess I could be, but then again, I  
trust everyone's judgment, including mine to smell a rat if one ever  
shows the tip of its nose... Which I don't think it would, btw. But  
Chris? The man is old enough to know what needs to be done and how he  
needs to do it.

I've only been in here for a week or so and I must admit it looks  
like it can get pretty testosterone-charged sometimes. But I also  
believe we can make this work. I know I want this to work and I'm  
sure that each and everyone that reads this wants it as much as I do,  
otherwise we wouldn't be here. Nobody likes to wait, that's a fact.  
Legal can be a pain, that's nothing short of a biblical fact. But if  
some of us can't trust company XYZ's possibly hidden agendas, then we  
can at least trust ourselves and one another to be intelligent enough  
to react if it ever does. I mean who knows? The "evil empire" of  
today might be the good guys of tomorrow. ;)


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