Re: Brainstorming: Best of all Worlds

expanding... based on discussion of #html-wg today.

Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer schrieb:
> Yes, for example, to start with, specifically:
> - XForms Transitional

    [17:43] anne: what exactly does XForms 
Transitional address that HTML5 doesn't, etc.
   [17:43] schnitz: anne, the expressions that 
Dave went to in his last mail?
   [17:44] Dave: also separation between 
presentation and value stored in DOM

> - XHTML Modularization

   [17:52] anne: schnitz, if you're talking about 
just grouping some related elements that's already 
   [17:53] schnitz: anne, well, ok, but, I am 
generally asking the question, and thats my 
message, whether the work of this group will 
divide over time with the rest of W3C, or not
   [17:53] anne: i've no idea what that means
   [17:53] anne: HTML5 is compatible with the DOM, 
CSS specifications and is largely compatible with 
HTML4 and XHTML1 where these are compatible with 
the web...
   [17:53] schnitz: anne, so when you say grouping 
has been done, has it been done consistent with 
M12N for example? Can it be done? Does it make 
sense? Maybe? Should we?
   [17:53] anne: I don't think M12N makes sense
   [17:54] anne: (fwiw)
   [17:54] schnitz: anne, ok thats fine
   [17:54] schnitz: anne, still, its a valid 
question to ask
   [17:54] anne: (or the whole XHTML Mod stuff for 
that matter)
   [17:55] schnitz: its valid as a directional 
question, and of course we can dive away into 
details, but thats not the point, what I am saying 
here, being explicitly general, whether we have a 
chance, for the benefit of the overall W3C story, 
that those technologies grow together over time, 
or not
   [17:55] anne: i think it would be better if you 
reviewed HTML5 and said what would need to change 
in order for it to be more in line
   [17:55] schnitz: thats the next step
   [17:56] schnitz: first, this is brainstorming 
time, I would like to know whether the group feels 
at all whether this is a goal worth persueing
   [17:56] anne: having everyone agree into 
something from which it's not clear what the 
consequences are seems silly
   [17:57] anne much rather has concrete 
suggestions than architectural thoughts
   [17:57] Dave: surely thinks about how things 
could pan out makes sense and avoids walking 
blindfold into dead ends.

> - Sebastian
> Anne van Kesteren schrieb:
>> On Thu, 22 Mar 2007 17:14:51 +0100, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer 
>> <> wrote:
>>> I would like to kick start discussion on whether or not it is 
>>> beneficial to think in terms of Best of all Worlds, including HTML5, 
>>> Web Forms 2.0, XHTML 1.0, Modularization of XHTML, XHTML 2 and XForms.
>> HTML5 (including Web Forms 2) has done that as much as possible, 
>> incorporating good ideas from XHTML2 / XForms, when possible. Do you 
>> have something concrete in mind?
>> --Anne van Kesteren
>> <>
>> <>

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