Re: Multipart response support

On Mar 29, 2007, at 13:17, Henrik Dvergsdal wrote:

> * Media protection. By embedding media as attachments, users can  
> raise the barrier towards theft or abuse, especially if they are  
> also provided with mechanisms to disable right-clicking etc. in the  
> client.

(First, I should stress that this is my personal opinion only and  

To avoid putting implementors and users at risk of having anti- 
circumvention legislation invoked against them, I think this WG  
should not specify features whose most obvious use case or, more  
importantly, stated intent makes the features plausible candidates of  
constituting effective technical protection measures (even attempted)  
under the DMCA or the EUCD.

(Please note that "effective TPM" is a legal beast. As a gross  
simplification, the intent of the protection measure counts, not  
measurable effectiveness or objective technical hallmarks. A computer  
scientist considering the dictionary definitions of words might  
conclude that TPM is always ineffective due to the technical  
absurdity of the concept. Computer scientist reasoning does not  
render the laws harmless, though. The safest way is not to spec any  
TPM at all, not even TPM designed to be legally ineffective.)

Henri Sivonen

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