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> Robert Accettura schreef:
>>> What is a " typical web development workflow"?
>> In most organizations the majority of the front end code (HTML/CSS) is  
>> done by
>> designers, whose main IDE is Photoshop not vi.
> I don’t know… In Backbase, there is one designer guy whose main IDE is
> indeed photoshop and who makes the design for all graphics (including
> the product’s UI looks, PDF documents, the website, and their
> illustrations). However, he has basically nothing to do with HTML or CSS
> (other than having a global view of what’s possible with CSS and what’s
> not, because he’s been told so many times :)); when he’s finished a
> design, the markup is then created by web programmers who slice up the
> images and produce the code.
> Maybe Backbase is an exception, I don’t know, but this seems like the
> most logical way to do it.

That's very good, actually.

Unfortunately, that's an exception. The typical web development flow is  
like this: many web designers I know in local companies do the layouts in  
Photoshop and they also make the (poor) HTML+CSS code.

In my case, I don't do any design at all. Marius (my twin brother) does  
all the design. As you said, he has been told many times what's generally  
possible with CSS and HTML. Even in that case, he sometimes pushes the  
limits. :)

I believe this the better web development workflow: some guys do the  
design, and the web programmers slice the layout, make the HTML+CSS code,  
PHP, whatever. The important requirement is that each and every single  
person does his/her own job as good as possible.

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