RE: Proposing Named & Numbered Issues for HTML

Jason A. Lefkowitz wrote: 
> For me, the 'information overload' problem could be cut
> back if there was just an option to get a
> daily/weekly/monthly/etc. digest of postings to the list,
> rather than receiving each message individually. That way
> participants who aren't as active in the WG have a way to
> cut back on the volume of email they have to deal with,
> and more active participants can still opt to get
> individual messages for fastest response.

That wouldn't help me as I'd still eventually have to read all the messages
to see what concerns me although clearly I don't have anything against you
using it. 

OTOH, by introducing the rigor of discussing based on issue if applicable
that would allow me (and others) to filter on those issue ids. Further,
having a wiki that lists the resolution on an issue after discussion dies
down will keep me (and others) from having to read back through tons of old
emails to find what the status on an issue.

Of course my previous email mentioned that I started an issue list on the
wiki as per Karl's challenge. Hopefully people will take to using and
maintaining the issue list (or provide a sensible alternate) and then we can
cut down on the load for each of us to read so many emails.

-Mike Schinkel -

Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2007 04:38:08 UTC