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Dan Connolly schreef:
> p.s. I have seen some questions about the "+1" convention.
> It comes from the apache project. Note in particular:
>   in some cases a favourable vote carries the implied message 'I
>   approve *and* I'm willing to help.'
>   --
> as opposed to +0 for something like "fine by me as long as somebody
> else does the work."
> I'd like to stick to that convention here. It's not at all clear
> that a plain +1 message is worth distributing to hundreds of inboxes;
> so try to say
>  +1 and here's an example ...
> or
>  +1 and here's a firefox/webkit patch ...
> or
>  +1 and here's a bit of background research to support it ...
> or
>  +1 and here's a tutorial weblog article I wrote ...

Yes, I have also seen it and been using it myself casually in 
discussions. I very much like it, so +1 from me :).

Also, it makes the 278 new messages a little less daunting :). Plus, and 
I think this is a really big advantage, it immediately conveys the 
author’s opinion of the replied-to message, so you don’t have to scan 
the text anymore for it.


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