Re: preference for blocks of unrelated comments

Hi David,

it's probably best if you wrote the questions down and then presented
one a week, or once people stop responding to the 'current' issue...
one big brain dump is awful for any kind of discussion and 7 threads
starting at the same point in time would also be a nightmare to keep
track of

On 3/21/07, Dailey, David P. <> wrote:
> I have a bunch of things that have been stirring in my mind since this group started up: all vaguely brainstorm-ish.
> Sometimes, I have been told, people would prefer several little threads to be posted one-at-a-time with separate subject lines. Other times, I have worried that such might be seen as hogging bandwidth. (The last time I broke one complex message into a half-dozen little threads, it must have looked odd from some historico-documentary graph theoretic perspective.)
> Hence a friendly question: do you prefer seven new threads, or one big message with seven parts? I gather many of you have more experience with this sort of large conversation than I do, so I will defer to the first two people offering advice on this issue who seem to agree with one another.
> cheers,
> David Dailey

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