RE: Deprecate <accronym> (was: Brainstorming - abbreviations)

Previous standards were confusing and confused about <acronym> and <abbr>.

As cited by Colin Lieberman:

In HTML 4.01 :
    Indicates an abbreviated form (e.g., WWW, HTTP, URI, Mass., etc.).
    Indicates an acronym (e.g., WAC, radar, etc.).

WWW as we all know represents World Wide Web.  How can this be an
abbreviation when clearly it is an acronym?  In the example, the only two
abbreviations that exist are Mass. and etc.; clearly Mass. is an
abbreviation for Massachusetts and etc. is an abbreviation for etcetera.
The remaining examples are acronyms.

Acronymns do not need to make words.  Acronyms take letters from multiple
words to create a shortened character set.  WAC in the acronym is not a
word, however RADAR is.

It would be best if we clear up confusions if we expect people to follow the
examples and standards.

Lee Roberts

Received on Sunday, 25 March 2007 13:33:53 UTC