RE: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?

I retract changing IRC to something else, but mainly we need a way of online
idea management. Can keep the mailing list going, but be more organised,
better standards, and if we have an online area, access to the IRC chat via
an online webpage at anytime of the day, a forum with an off-topic area (we
all secretly want to know more about everyone else's personal life), but
still keeping the main features.

- gavin

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At 06:38 AM 3/23/2007, Gavin Pearce wrote:
>IRC and an old school mailing list? We must be able to find a better way to
>put together something as major as we're working on!
>It's too hard to organize ideas for everyone to look at them, we need a
>forum, a more up-to-date mailing list, an online chat service, online
>brainstorming, an ideas board, work in progress etc etc ...

I concur. Like ideas, discussions tend to be distinctly non-linear, 
nor even tree-shaped (library taxonomies notwithstanding). A full 
fledged graph-theoretic tool that allows branching and convergence of 
threads (as well as visualizations of the proximities between 
threads) is the sort of thing that would be appropriate. As I 
mentioned, Image and Meaning (IIC at Harvard) is looking into things 
like that. If somebody knows of something that already exists, it 
would be handy cause then we wouldn't have to build it. Campfire does 
look interesting and the other thing I 
know of (with a more visual than textual component) is . Here's a picture of something like 
what I mean (drawn in SVG):

It all depends on one's definition of "brainstorming," I suppose. 
There seem to be multiple concepts of that floating about. I've 
already offered my opinion of IRC.

David Dailey

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