Re: Whoah There, Turbo

On Mar 12, 2007, at 12:52 PM, Dave Raggett wrote:

> My email was mostly about the use of wiki's for supporting  
> standards work and the tools for processing wiki's, e.g. to  
> generate technical reports, but also to collect use cases, test  
> cases, background information, tutorial materials, etc. My  
> assumption is that wikis will be easier for most people to deal  
> with than CVS accounts etc.

OK, let me be specific about things that have been proposed as  
decisions (or just assumed as decisions) which I think are premature:

- Should we change list policy about whether non-members of the WG  
can subscribe or post? (various)
- The Forms Task Force will start by collecting use cases, followed  
by making basic design decisions. (Dave Raggett)
- The Forms Task Force will edit the spec in a Wiki. (Dave Raggett)
- The Forms Task Force should start with the WAF's Web Forms 2.0 spec  
instead of starting from scratch. (Ian Hickson)
- Should we start from scratch or base our work on the work of the  
WHATWG? (Håkon Wium Lie)
- Ian Hickson should be Editor for the HTML WG. (Håkon Wium Lie)

I agree with some of these points, and disagree with some others. But  
in any case I think these can't be decided until the HTML WG is  
assembled, and in some cases until the Forms WG and HTML WG select  
appropriate representatives to the Forms Task Force. For example, I'd  
like to hear what expected representatives from Mozilla and Microsoft  
will have to say.


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