Re: HTML WG office hours in IRC, a few wiki topics

Le 21 mars 2007 à 13:05, Dan Connolly a écrit :
> I just created an #html-wg irc channel on, port 6665.
> i.e. irc://

I'm adding it to my autostart channels.

> It's logged:
>    (and .../03/22-html-wg-irc , etc.)

I think I will try to put more information on the /html pages to  
help. We had a new storm of invited expert applications for the last  
two days. Anne's effect? I was on a [Japanese day off][1] (this  
wednesday). Japan being a country where Spring is an important day.

 March 20 or March 21  
 Vernal Equinox Day  
 春分の日  [Shunbun no hi][2]


> I work on Chicago time. I haven't asked Karl yet about this, but I
> expect he's interested to chat there too. He works on Tokyo time.

As Dan said, I will be on the HTML WG channel during Japanese time  
(9:00 to 4:30). I have 3 hours  (2x 1h30) commuting a day from my  
home to W3C offices.
I'm usually not very responsive on the W3C channels outside of  
business hours to leave room in my head and my schedules for outside- 
of-job life. :) But I might be responsive on certain days like Monday  
evening and Thursday, when I have late teleconferences.  Note also  
that I'm not full time on HTML WG, and there are other things I have  
to do as well, but I will try to help as much as I can. Thanks for  
your patience in some cases.

> Meanwhile, a few ESW wiki topics that I noodle on from
> time to time are relevant to this WG...

For information, a while ago, I had started for quotes. To collect  
examples and good practices for the markup, I had no time to go  
further, but if people want to collect good practices there. Feel  
free to edit.

Maybe a good start would be to put content here.

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