So, I am reading all these interesting threads...

... and I can't help but think that while those ideas are all  
extremely appealing, they might not get us very far if we're all only  
doing this without proper representation.

So, besides individuals, who, like me, ended up volunteers on this  
list, do we have significant representation from key actors like  
Microsoft or others (that wouldn't already be part of WHATWG for  
example)? I'm thinking about Chris Wilson among others of course,  
whom I've yet to read from in here. Working on the evolution of HTML  
without Microsoft on board seems like a sure way to create problems,  
isn't it?

So Dan, of all the people the W3C would want around the table, who is  
still missing?

Are we waiting for these people in order to really start working?

Do we have a plan to get them to come in here?

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