Re: [whatwg] Video proposals

Robert Brodrecht schreef:
>> Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there is a single reason 
>> why the browser couldn’t play back content embedded with an <object> 
>> tag, like it’s supposed to. What’s more, that would allow it to work 
>> with existing web content, too. Plus it’s backwards compatible.
> I'm quite certain that the video element was meant to fight things 
> like Flash because it would offer cross-platform video easily through 
> an open codec.  Currently, Flash is the closest thing we have to 
> cross-platform video.  Flash is a closed, proprietary, expensive 
> technology.  Theora is an open, free technology.  The video element is 
> an ideological addition that would allow fallback.  It could easily 
> fall back to an object element during the transition into browser 
> support, which would be backward compatible with HMTL 4.
> Video on the web is difficult.  In this day, it shouldn't be.

Sure, native video playback, yay. But what has that got to do with 
creating a <video> element instead of using <object>. Objects can play 
Theora, too, you know. Natively. Just like browsers can render SVG in 
<object> tags, natively.


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