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> Guys, ~150 messages over the week-end discussing how this WG is
> going to work... How do you want people who do have a private life
> and family to handle that ?

This is actually nothing compared to peak-times on the Atom Syntax mailing  
list. However, I do agree that it can be a bit too much at times.

A web forum is not a solution, though. Following up on subjects on a web  
forum is a real pain, the user interface usually sucks, etc. People having  
difficulties reading this mailing list might want to try a new e-mail  
client. Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express are for instance not suited  
for threaded and list-based discussions like this at all. I use Opera  
which is quite good at it. GMail is a good web-based alternative  
(especially if your webmail client is SquirrelMail or something similar).

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